Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas 2013

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
An unblemished love existed
In the folds of time---before reason or rhyme
In perfection, this trinity persisted.

These three in one were joyful
As only Good can be
No hatred, no deceptive veil---no sorrow, no betrayal
Only pure and blessed unity.

They or He knew humans
What we could only be
Hateful, fleeting creatures--with prideful, sinful features
And yet They or He said "Come and walk with me."

O Holy and Pure God
Whose face we cannot bear
Who can too soon reveal what we strive to keep concealed
A heart of stone that's broken in despair.

What you created beautifully
We all too soon destroyed
With faith that was misplaced with one disobedient trace
The arc from man to God was split---and void.

Broken is the world
Broken are its inhabitants
We devise our broken schemes, while our words are bursting at the seams
Aching to be something more than blasphemous.

But our sin is an affront
To a holy and just God
His light can only show every sordid thing we sow
So we cloak ourselves in darkness deep and broad.

And yet Father, Son, and Ghost
Always knew this would occur
They knew humans would disobey and always try to run away
And still, together, Trinity concurred:

We shall not leave them broken
Nor let them run away
God and sinner will unite
All will yet be set to right
Though to this end, a price still must be paid.

We cannot tolerate sin
Or bear it in our sight
And even if we could, then we would not be Good
Or the holy God we are of might and light.

But God said I'll pay the debt
Though this means I live and die
I shall don humanity---to give them eternity
And the fabric of creation breathed a sigh.

Some would say the three part ways
When Son is born on Earth
But in this Christmas history---still remains the holy mystery
Of one all God and all man at His birth.

God becomes incarnate
God has come to dwell with us
We've run from Him, we've hidden---we have done all things forbidden
Still he seeks us in our fear and our mistrust.

Immanuel---God with us
The world is no longer dim
He will take each heart of stone and give it Spirit--not our own
And live within us so that we might walk with Him.

All that has been broken
God has come to mend
And not just from afar--like a small and distant star
But with us, near us, in us---as a friend.

So rejoice with me---be glad
And offer up your praise
To the God who has delivered---revived all that was withered
Merry Christmas--on this holiest of days.
Merry Christmas---on this holiest of days.