Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Prayer

Lord grant me stillness
That resides in a place
Division can't touch
And deception can't face.

And Lord let that peace
In its calmness reveal
Your small, quiet voice
That my weakness conceals.

May the storms that I sail
Be ones that You've planned
That rise to Your purpose
And fall at Your hand.

And when I am anxious
In worry immersed
Remind me that faith
Is a song, unrehearsed

Should tension release,
Sustain or prolong
Should silence persist
It's all part of that song.

A song that exhibits
True beauty's dimension
Because it is one
Not of my invention.

But one that You arch
Then turn to descend
In  patterns too large
To yet comprehend

But I follow the curves
That billow and slope
Unfolding in time
And walking in Hope.

No longer excused
By what I can't do
Becoming a vessel
That You can sing through.

But should I falter,
Look down at the sea
Lose the sound of Your voice
In its cacophony---

I pray that You'll lift me
Once more from the ocean
Of doubt and of fear
Of misplaced emotion.

And set me back down
In Your time and Your key
In Your frame of reference
In Your melody.