Monday, September 3, 2012

Corduroy's Cake Adventure

There once was a bear named Corduroy....

One day, his friends, Ashley and Nikki, said to him:  "Wouldn't it be nice if we made a cake that looked just like you?"

Corduroy looked back at them askance.  "Ummmm.  I'm pretty sure I've never nor will I ever want to see a cake that looks just like me.  And besides---Ashley---didn't you once start a fire in the kitchen while attempting to boil water?"

Ashley replied, "That was a long time ago.  And I believe I have learned from my past mistakes---thus eliminating the chance that I will repeat them.  Profound, right?"

"Profoundly stupid," muttered Corduroy under his breath.  But after rolling his eyes, he grudgingly agreed to the plan, though he secretly believed it would only end in tears  (or flames, whichever came first).  Still, it was for Miriam's birthday, how could he refuse?

Ashley baked the cakes and cupcakes---and had many adventures, which you can read about here:

After a fair amount of destruction and subsequent reconstruction to Ashley's kitchen, everyone decided it would be best to continue this ill fated plan at Gran's house---well, everyone except Gran that is.

Before heading over to Gran's house, Ashley sent threatening text messages to her.  "Are you humming the theme song to 'Jaws'----because you should be.  Da da....da da.....da da da da da..."

Corduroy reprimanded Ashley for her poor manners---but apparently it was to no avail.  For when Nikki texted Ashley a few minutes later---cheerfully mentioning that she had her apron all ready.  Ashley chuckled in a somewhat evil fashion and texted back:  "The apron won't save you!"

Corduroy was very disappointed in Ashley's behavior, but, for the sake of Miriam, he continued to cooperate with the plan.

Ashley and Nikki assembled the cake and cupcakes until they resembled a naked bear.  Corduroy was slightly embarrassed at the scandalous sight.

Then, they drew his face and outlined his paws and overalls with black icing.  Corduroy watched with bated breath, still anxious.

They added light brown frosting for his muzzle and the pads of his paws.  

Then came the dark brown frosting for the rest of his fur.

Suddenly, Corduroy, driven to distraction by the naked bear cake, began to contemplate a new career as a pole dancer.  He said he thought his missing button and the resulting off the shoulder overall strap--made him look sexy.

Ashley and Nikki talked him out of his spiral into depravity---and then continued working.  They added a purple pocket and a party hat.

And finally, they piped in Corduroy's green overalls.  They added finishing touches---like an "M" for Miriam on his pocket---and filled in the whites of his eyes---and decorated the party hat with dots of pink and white icing.

Nikki even iced a leftover cupcake with green icing---and Ashley piped the number one on top with pink icing---making a special little cake for Miriam to smash at her party.

In the end, even Corduroy agreed that the cake wasn't half bad!  

Ashley asked--"What comes before Part B, Corduroy??"

And Corduroy joyfully replied "Part-Aaaayyyyyy!!!!"

***Stay tuned for the Corduroy Cake adventure Part II---the Party!!!!